Daniel Hagemeier


Daniel Hagemeier is CEO of group.one. As a student, he founded his first software company at the age of 16. Later, with another start-up, he became one of the first IaaS providers in Germany. In 2010, the Host Europe Group (GoDaddy) took over this company. After the acquisition, Daniel became a member of the group management at Host Europe Group and served there for four years. Daniel also co-founded the AI solution 4tree, which was acquired by the global consulting firm McKinsey&Company, where he was an Associated Partner and the Chief IT Architect for McKinsey's Periscope solution.

Daniel holds a Master's degree in Business Administration (Technology and Innovation Management) from RWTH Aachen University, a postgradudate diploma from University of Oxford and a diploma from Münster University of Applied Sciences. He has been a lecturer for Master students at Münster Business School for more than a decade.