In 2020, acquired GratisDNS, one of the oldest Danish domain registrars with a loyal local customer base. The brand has continued to operate independently until now. Next month (March 2022), all GratisDNS customers will be automatically migrated to the platform.

After the transition, thousands of loyal GratisDNS customers will gain access to superior service, including more support, more products, more space, a more robust hosting infrastructure, and unlimited traffic.

All GratisDNS employees, including the founder Peter Larsen, are already part of group.ONE working on developing the hosting platform.

“We look forward to migrating GratisDNS customers to We have worked together with for over a decade on domain-related policies in various groups including ICANN, dkregistrar and many more. We know that have a great focus on superior DNS service and security and because of that we think this migration will be a great advantage for the GratisDNS customers,” says GratisDNS founder Peter Larsen.

More information about the migration is available here: FAQ about the migration from GratisDNS to

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