With the release of the email writing assistant, group.one today announces its first AI-powered product. The AI-powered assistant, available to over 4 million email account users under the lighthouse brand one.com, allows customers to compose and send emails faster and error-free.

Initially available in English, the email writing assistant will be rolled out in local languages throughout the summer, marking one.com as one of the first hosting providers in Europe allowing customers to harness the power of AI in their everyday lives. 

“one.com has a strong history of integrating advanced technologies into user-friendly, local-language applications for non-technical customers across Scandinavia, Benelux, and the DACH region”, says Daniel Hagemeier, CEO of group.one, “Our new writing assistant will not only help customers write emails faster and without spelling mistakes, but it will also enable them to get online faster with their own website or online shop.”  

The new writing assistant leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 technology, augmented to give customers clear guidance on achieving the best value, protecting their data, and complying with the terms of service. No customer data is shared with OpenAI, no prompts or outputs are used for further training, and all data is deleted after a 30-day security monitoring window. 

Following the email writing assistant, one.com, checkdomain and Hostnet will introduce the website builder writing assistant, making it easy easier for customers to create website content, expand existing sites with additional pages, and enhance product descriptions in the integrated online shop. 

“group.one is committed to providing a secure environment where small businesses and individual makers can safely and easily access the power of the internet,” says Morten Grauballe, Senior Vice President Products, “The introduction of our writing assistant is a significant user experience improvement we’re thrilled to offer to our customers.” 

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